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Your complete swipeable system for creating a time-efficient design process + red-carpet client experience that includes:

  • Zero friction.
  • Zero stress.
  • And zero revisions 95% of the time.

Yep, 95%.

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Hey there, fellow designer.

Be honest with me… do you have a file named “” in your computer somewhere?!

Let’s talk about revisions for a sec, because requests for revisions are often the bane of a designer’s life, and if you’re anything like the 850+ students already inside Share-worthy Design then you’ve experienced one (or many!) “Revisions Nightmares”.

Like Amanda, who used to send her clients 5-8 different logo designs and, of course, they always picked the worst one or had her merge two together. (Gah!) She was so fed up with her process by the time the revisions were complete, she didn’t even care about how their logo turned out. Not quite what she had in mind when starting her design business.

Then there’s Callie, who had a client who already knew exactly what she wanted her logo to look like… and it was hideous. Callie reluctantly designed what the client wanted, down to the last pixel, but when she presented it, the client hated it! She said it wasn’t edgy enough, or bold enough, and “maybe we need to go more rustic”. (What does that even mean?!!!) Callie ended up being whipped around by her client’s ideas and delivering things she knew didn’t look good. Again, not what she had in mind when starting her design business.

Psssst, Amanda and Callie are both actual Share-worthy Design students!

There are so many more not-so-dreamy client stories like this, including:

  • Clients who are never happy, even though you’ve moved heaven and earth to meet the brief. And broken a few of your own boundaries along the way…
  • Clients who try to get you to do work outside of the agreed scope. The best reason? “It will only take you a few minutes.”
  • Clients who don’t provide you with useful feedback, so you’re left wondering what to do next. Do you go back and ask them to explain? Do you assume you know what they meant? Do you just trust your skills? Do you throw your computer out the window and run off to the circus?
  • Clients who won’t trust your design expertise — even though they chose to hire you!
  • Clients who hire you once and then go on to work with another designer later. So frustrating, especially if you see the beautiful brand you designed being used incorrectly.


I do not want you to experience any of the above ever again. That’s the reason why I created Share-worthy Design — because you are not the only designer craving a seamless client process that ELIMINATES all of these issues.

And when I say eliminates, I mean it. Check out what some of my students have experienced after implementing their own elevated design + client process.

5 Star Review

850+ Successful Students

Hear it directly from our happy SWD alumni.

Go from feeling like the only designer who doesn’t have it together to feeling like a permanently profitable pro.

You’ve wasted hours and hours trawling through other designers’ websites and blog posts hoping to stumble across The Answers.

You’ve stalked their Instagram profiles trying to find clues to how they make the business side of designing look so easy.

You’ve tried and tested allthethings in your process but it still hasn’t clicked.

Which is why I’m ridiculously happy you’re here. Because it means your days of throwing your time down the drain in search for The Answers are over.

You can find them all in Share-worthy Design.

Now it’s your turn to get a no holds barred education into how to run a sustainable and irresistible design business that becomes known for its red-carpet client experience and builds you a killer reputation.

No more awkward conversations. No more worrying about “whether they’ll like it”. No more requests for revisions. (Can I get an amen?!!!)

Instead, your design business will look 100x more like this:

  • You’ll have a proven process for sending a client just ONE design — and having it approved — so there’s no more rolling your eyes when they end up choosing the one you *knew* they’d choose (after you spent HOURS creating the back-ups).
  • You’ll be able to sail those dreamboat clients through an unforgettable experience that they’ll be raving to their peers about. Soon enough, those peers will be lining up to work with you.
  • And forget scouring Pinterest for how to pitch your work to clients — you’ve got a ready-set-installed list of templates + case studies at your designer fingertips.
  • Rinse. Take a nap. Repeat.

This isn’t an over-the-shoulder peek into the way I work. It’s SO MUCH MORE than that. I’m giving e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g away.

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Our designer students get serious results, swipe to celebrate thier wins!

From employed designer to design studio owner with millionaire clients — in less than 6 months.

I’m Jamie, Creative Director and founder of Spruce Rd., and it still feels weird for me to say that ^^^! Because I’m not special. I’m a good designer… but not the best in the world. I’m good at marketing my services… but I could be stronger. I’m lucky to work with the clients I do, but that’s not because I was born “lucky”.

Sure, you need to have design skills to run a profitable design business (and Share-worthy Design will absolutely help you with those!) but the real missing link for so many struggling and successful designers is being able to roll out a red-carpet client experience.

This red-carpet client experience is what the reputation of Spruce Rd. is built on. Which is fitting given that it’s a process I’ve refined to perfection over the last 5 years of running my business.

Years of design experience and education in graphic design shaped my vision into a completely unique perspective. In fact, I created Spruce Rd. in response to industry conventions that just weren’t working for me (you might have heard me mention my short-lived job at a somewhat unethical design studio) and crafted custom systems that I believed would better serve clients and offer premium value.

It worked.

The clients I attracted were higher-caliber.

There was no quibbling on costs or asking for extras we hadn’t agreed on.

Working with people was a breeze — and they would refer me to people they knew without me even having to ask. They’d love my process (and the design work) that much.

Clients would start coming back to me when they needed anything new designed because they trusted me and the process completely.

Because the studio was in demand, I was able to raise my rates. And raise them again!

5 years and numerous sweet clients later, I’m still head-over-heels for a stint in front of the silver screen creating beautiful brands. Only 2 days a week, mind. I’m a mama of two who has priorities outside the business! That’s why I’m so grateful to have the processes in place that allow me to have that all-important family time without taking a revenue hit.

When I realized that 95% of the work I delivered got zero revisions — a percentage that’s almost unheard of in the design industry — I knew I was onto something, and that one day I’d share it all inside what became Share-worthy Design.

Share-worthy Design peels back the curtain to my entire business and the way it runs, so you can steal my methods and build a business you adore working in, whether that’s every day, or two days a week.

The money is in the method, and Share-worthy Design is THE method for a time-efficient design process + red-carpet client experience that eliminates friction, stress, and 95% of revision requests.

SWD is an in-depth course (with optional group coaching) that gives you unfiltered access into my red-carpet client process and best design short-cuts and, so you can create an end-to-end experience that gets you loved, shared, and hired by your ideal clients again and again. And again.

Here’s the life-changing lowdown on what’s waiting for you inside Share-worthy Design

Module 1

Your Sold-Out Signature Service

Let’s take a closer look… After this module, you’ll know:

  • Who your ideal client is (beyond defining a niche), and my best, most time-efficient techniques for landing them (or more of them) so you can do more of what you enjoy while ensuring your projects are profitable
  • How to package and position your services so that those ideal clients are practically throwing themselves at you because you’re exactly what they’re searching for
  • How to price your services so that you’re charging what your work is worth and clients are saying YES (this covers the pros and cons of pricing by the hour, by the service, or by value, so you can decide the best option for your business)
  • How to raise your rates without losing clients (or sleep)
  • The skinny on trading services — a popular choice for creatives trying to grow their business — and why I discourage it…
  • My secrets to trimming down your marketing efforts by landing repeat clients (it’s money on autopilot and takes so much stress out of running a business!)
  • The best way(s) to promote your core service, including creating a simple quarterly marketing plan that uses designer-specific strategies, optimizing your site to boost inquiries, and doing particular things to build your credibility from the get-go (who knows, you could earn the whole cost of this course back from just this lesson)

Mustn’t-miss resources in this module include:

  • A pricing a quote walkthrough for a potential client. You’ll see my actual pricing, research, and messages sent to a client… in real time.
  • Expert training with my business strategist on building enticing packaged services (including my top 3 examples of designer-specific packages!)
  • My top 5 real designer sites — so you can see examples of what works for our industry leaders.

Module 2

Your Red-Carpet Client + Design Experience

Let’s take a closer look… After this module, you’ll know:

  • The psychological explanation behind client behavior and decision-making and how to use this to your advantage (most designers don’t). I learned that if we don’t properly understand how our clients think, the process suffers, so this will give you a deep insight into how they make decisions, what makes their brain want to shut down faster than your Mac, why they feel the need to provide feedback, and more.
  • The secrets behind the One-Logo Solution and how to discover what your clients actually want and are happy to pay for, how to nail your one logo design, and how to prep and deliver it to your client knowing it’s exactly what they’re looking for
  • How I take a messy Illustrator artboard full of concepts, narrow it to one, finalize the logo in Illustrator, and save the files appropriately for the client with my One Logo Solution case study (a.k.a. your behind-the-curtain ticket to my design process)
  • My complete end-to-end client process, so you can start turning your inquiries into brand ambassadors that refer you to others because you served them so incredibly
  • How to guarantee a stellar client onboarding experience — and how to avoid the mistakes many designers make (even long-term ones)
  • How to present your designs to a client like a pro and set yourself up for no revisions (or useful feedback)
  • How to wrap up a project and my favorite strategies for continuing the relationship beyond “here are your final files”
  • How to get out of common sticky client situations, so you never feel stuck on how to respond when a client goes out of scope, doesn’t like your designs, or has less-than-ideal feedback (these situations won’t be common any more once you’ve nailed this module!)

Mustn’t-miss resources in this module include:

  • A client audio recording of me presenting the first proof of the One Logo Solution, so you can hear exactly how we pitch our designs to clients. Get ready to swipe our script to pitch with success in your next presentation.
  • A client brand discovery proof, giving you a detailed look into how we prep our clients before pitching our winning One Logo Solution. (And yes, you’ll have our exact ready-made template at your fingertips!).
  • The exact presentation proof we sent our client — it’s your behind-the-curtain access into how we usually get zero revisions from the first proof.
  • Our response to client feedback, so you can direct your client to a winning design (even if their feedback isn’t ideal). Yes, you can tactfully say no, and I’ll show you my word-for-word reply — because I’m a people-pleaser too!

Module 3

Growing Your Premium Design Studio

Let’s take a closer look…

This is the step beyond the red-carpet client experience and focuses on scaling, if that’s something you’d like to do now or in the future. It’s not as scary as it may seem, and outsourcing to other people isn’t the only option! After this module, you’ll know:

  • How to (sanely) manage multiple projects so you aren’t confined to one project at a time, or the limited income that comes with it…
  • My step-by-step process to hiring + managing a team, so you can scale your business with ease. It’s your ticket to working less, while growing your income!
  • My confidence-boosting advice for recruiting the first member or additional members of your A-team so you know they’re someone you can rely on to fulfill their role and have you jumping for joy while they’re at it
  • The scoop on taxes + legal for your new business model, so once you’ve hired your first all-star, you can rest assured knowing Uncle Sam is a-ok with it
  • My framework for structuring your team — this is the exact method I use in my own business to guarantee happy designers and clients that keep coming back for more… because we’ve got the team model nailed to a, well, T!

Mustn’t-miss resources in this module include:

  • Exactly how I schedule several projects at once and what that looks like in my project management system
  • My top creative ways to hire out in your business specifically for designers — whether you’re ready for a “big” hire or something small to get your feet wet (while saving you time!)

Did someone say bonuses?!?

Bonus 1

Designer Day Rate Masterclass ($500 value)

Let’s take a closer look…

Ready to earn your investment back from this course with just a few hours of work? Learn how we invoice clients $1,500 for a day. Our secrets are for swiping! This bonus will be a game-changer for you, too, if you want to:

  • Take on work that you’d be brilliant at but that doesn’t fit into one of your existing packages
  • No need for any more fiddly custom proposals 🙂
  • Licensing files at the end of the day
  • Be able to handle multiple clients without putting yourself under too much pressure (deadlines aren’t a thing with a Design Day Rates!)
  • See how I run one of these days alongside Ashley, my lead contract designer (a helpful additional lesson if you have a team or hope to have one in the future!)
  • Know the mistakes I made when I first offered this service, how I fixed them, and what factors you MUST consider before you start offering Design Day Rates.

“I have made as much income in the design days as I have in branding clients this year which is crazy I’m about to double my income this year because of implementing this!!!”

Kaila, Dox Design

(and that’s just from one bonus!)

More Design Day Lovin'!

Bonus Testimonials

Pay in Full Bonuses

Pay in full, and on top of some savings you’ll also snag these bonuses!

Bonus 1

Email Marketing for Designers Masterclass ($300 value)

Wishing you could attract your ideal clients to your inbox, and sell them your services on auto-pilot? In this action packed recorded workshop I’m dishing on email marketing specific for designers! Best of all? I uncomplicate it and dish on the tools + tactics to make it a breeze.

Bonus 2

Client Email Marketing Templates ($100 value)

To make it even easier for you, our copywriter drafted 4 quarterly emails ready to schedule for your clients. Keep top of mind for potential and current clients — sans the icky salesy feeling. 🙂

Bonus 3

Brand Presentation Copy Template ($100 value)

It’s not enough to send beautiful designs to your clients, the strategy is what sells clients in your presentation. Use our mad-libs plug & play template with your next brand presentation. Our swipe copy makes it easy — including a word bank for various design styles. Let’s get you those zero revisions!

I'm Ready to Enroll. Let's Go!

Aside from all the juicy video training and walkthroughs, you’ll also get full access into my exclusive-to-SWD template vault.

Delightfully time-saving design templates (which have saved approximately 5000 hours of SWD students’ lives)

What’s Included:

50+ Designer Client Swipe Files: Our collection of client canned responses. Everything from the professional “we’re not quite the right fit” to the “can you send me a testimonial?” response.


20 Beautiful Brand Mockups: built for our zero-revision brand presentation method.


Discovery Template: See the exact research our team digs for — it’s your guide for design that has your client jumping for joy and telling everyone they know about your work.


Brand identity design client process workflow: Our exact branding client process workflow system ready to plug and play with each new client that comes your way.


Automated Client Timeline Template: One click, and you’re all set for creating a project timeline in seconds.


Client Questionnaire: Swipe our exact client questionnaire, so you cover all the critical questions to create a successful design.


Web Style Guide: The template we use to create web style tiles for our clients. Simply swap out the colors, type and graphic elements within minutes for a polished style guide for your clients!


Best Resources Guide: A complete guide to the resources that run my business, from apps, to project management, to design tools, to services — it’s your one stop shop, I’ve done the research for you.


Brand Presentation and Brand Guideline: Showcase your design proofs in a proven successful presentation — this is our secret sauce and it’s yours for the taking!


that’s a $1,000 value included!

“I have made as much income in the design days as I have in branding clients this year which is crazy I’m about to double my income this year because of implementing this!!!”

Kaila, Dox Design

You’ll also get instant access to:

  • 57 video training modules – but don’t be overwhelmed by that number! The videos are to the point, totally fluff-free, and easily actionable.
  • Task lists to make sure you’re on track and taking action
  • Beautiful downloadable worksheets to help you focus and plan with ease
  • 2x Monthly group coaching sessions with the coaching course level
  • Personal reviews of your packaged services, website, marketing and more by Jamie with the coaching level
  • Our private 3-month 24/7 Slack group with the mastermind course level, to make sure you’re supported every step of the way

“Share-worthy Design was literally the single best investment I’ve made for my business so far… and probably always will be. In ten years, I will look back and say, ‘that was the turning point to making this work.’”

Rebekah Peluszak

How does SWD work?

Take Note

As soon as you enroll, get that oh-so-pretty notebook ready to learn: the course isn’t on drip, so you have instant access to binge on some design and process lessons!

Take Action

Work through your lesson worksheets, take action along the way with each task list checklist and then load your new swipe files and templates to your workspace (with tier 1 &2)… we’ll get you set up for shop in no time!

Book Clients

Fast forward a few weeks, and you’re set: uplevel your design business with a tailored red-client client process, workflows and templates ready to go, and clear positioning on how you serve your clients best so they come back for more!

So, what’s the investment?

Sure, you could figure out all these shortcuts, processes, and hacks on your own, between Pinterest scrolls, hours of podcasts, and blogs galore.

Or, you could take a short-cut:

Swipe the system we put together after over 10 years in the freelance design industry (5 full-time design studio, 5+ freelancing), and gain an intimate group of fellow designers to boot.

  • 57 video lessons, task lists and downloadable worksheets
  • Access to the Template Vault
  • Private + intimate group of like-minded designers
  • 3-month 24/7 exclusive Slack community and 3 Monthly group coaching calls (2x/mo)

Pay in Full

Pay Monthly

Plus, you have my word: Enroll in SWD risk-free, knowing that if you’re not happy, I’m not happy. If after 10 days, you’ve done the work and haven’t seen results, I’m happy to buy the course back from you!

Want a peek inside Spruce Your Studio?

“Prior to taking SWD, I didn’t have my process outlined. Although I was super organized, I was recreating every step. Now there’s templates, processes and swipe files to speed up the process. The one-logo concept is my absolute favorite take-away from the course. I’ve implemented it and have never looked back! This course is AMAZING!”

Nikki Fanshaw

Spruce Your Studio

is a glass-slipper fit if you’re just starting up your design business OR you’ve been at the game for a few years

  • If you’re in a 9-5, have been freelancing for a hot second (hey, coffee shop designing on weekends is where many of us start!), and just *know* that by streamlining and tightening your process you’d be able to play at a much higher level and attract the clients you need to go full-time, SWD is for you.
  • If you’ve started your design studio (getting business cards totally counts) but the client process has you tied in knots and you’re sick of spending the time you should be designing snooping on others’ sites to figure out their process, SWD is for you.
  • If you’re a seasoned designer used to dealing with clients and managing projects but just KNOW you need to step into more of a leader role when it comes to the way you work, SWD is for you.
  • If you’re already running a successful branding or web design studio and working with awesome clients but want to streamline your systems so you can take more time out for family or, you know, breathing, without taking a drop in income, SWD is for you.
  • If you adore serving your clients, but feel burnt out from your shoot-from-the-hip systems and would love to be literally handed a proven blueprint so you could focus on your strength — actually designing! — SWD is for you.
  • If you want to learn the ins and outs of the fast-becoming-famous Spruce Rd. Zero-Revision One-Logo-Solution, because you’re SO over providing a ton of options and then seeing them pick the one you knew they’d pick (secret? I used to do that, too!), SWD is for you.

What have others asked before joining Spruce Your Studio?

Do I have to be a brand identity designer?

Nope! This is for anyone who wants to pursue a design business in any design realm — whether on the side of a full-time job, occasional projects as a stay at home mom, or a full time business. This is perfect for brand identity designers, web designers, illustrators and graphic designers. The course walks through how I use business principles in my brand identity design business, but you can take these processes and apply them to your own business! We have over 500+ diverse designers in our alumni base (primarily brand and web designers).

Is this course for beginner or experienced design businesses?

Both! While this course provides a solid foundation + blueprint for beginners who haven’t ever booked a client of their own before, it is an equally valuable tool for experienced design studios. I’ve had complete newbies as well as established design studios with 10 years of experience sing praises about the content of this course and templates. Wherever you are in your design studio journey, you’ll walk away with an efficient process, templates and toolkit for your business.

What’s included with coaching?

Three months of group coaching calls (2 times each month). It’s your only ticket to one-on-one guidance from Jamie as well as an intimate group of design peers to lean on. We’ll meet every other Friday at 2pm MST. Our archive of recordings (with easy to follow time-stamped questions) is available for coaching students as well!

It’s a much more personalized experience where I’m 100% transparent and available to review your services, sites, sticky situations… you name it! If you need guidance for marketing, I’m here for you. It’s a really small group of designers, so be ready for some focused time on your business.

There’s also a private Slack group for the coaching tier available 24/7 for feedback, partnerships and community.

Jamie, I just don’t think I can spend that right now! Isn’t there a bigger payment plan??

Oh, friend, how I’ve been there: stepping out and trust falling into a business investment is a scary thing! Even years into my business, I get sweaty palms before hiring a coach or partner. But along the way, I’ve learned: when I invest in my business, and pay for a short-cut that lets me focus on what my strengths are, the money always, always comes back. And sure, there’s a TON of content out there these days. Could you learn these tricks on your own? Sure! But speaking from experience, that always zaps hours off my precious design work — which in turn always costs more in the long run. And don’t worry — I’m not a fan of buyer’s remorse: my 100%, 10-day happiness policy is yours for the taking … I want you to love the course!

Do I even have time for this??

Heard! I mean, let’s be real: I’m running around in a ponytail and sneaks as a mama with a small business and team … I get it! If you commit to watching the videos (short + easy to watch) and taking action as you go, I’ll show you exactly what to say in emails, what processes to walk clients through, and tons of tips and tools that will save you HOURS in the long run. Using just one template from our template vault will save you so much time! I’ll set you up on a plan you can easily replicate.

There’s no WAY I could actually make money as a design studio.

Um, hi, that was me — I used to say the same thing back working as an employee designer! What I have learned is that being an entrepreneur is actually the most secure business move I could have ever made: working for myself, setting my own terms, setting my own prices … that’s actually been the ticket to creating an income stream that honors my family, and lets me be a mom, too. If it weren’t for my design studio, I wouldn’t be able to stay at home with the kiddos as much! It’s possible, friend. I want to show you how!

How long do I get access?

How does lifetime sound? 🙂 Once you’re enrolled, you can jump into the video lessons right away — grab that cup of coffee, kick up your feet, and feel free to binge watch! Learn at your own pace and re-watch the lessons as many times as needed. I wanted to make this course available for your best convenience, so there is no set schedule — you’re the boss!

Can I sign up anytime?

To serve my students as best I can, enrollment is only open a few times a year. I’ll be offering the course again in the future, but can’t guarantee the price won’t go up each time the course goes back in the vault!

Do you offer refunds?

Oh no, we don’t want that! If you are unhappy with the course, let us know. I have a tight return policy — only because I want to make sure I’m attracting dedicated, serious students. I have worked so hard to make this course + templates a benefit, but I certainly understand the fear in buying something you can’t fully experience before purchase. As such, by purchasing, you’re agreeing to my happiness promise: if you complete the entire course and do all the work within 10 days and aren’t satisfied, just show me your work (promise I don’t make you jump through a bajillion hoops!) — I’m happy to buy the course back from you.

Is this course accessible for the deaf + hard of hearing?

Yes! There are captions on the video lessons.

I have more questions, how can I get in touch?

I’d love to chat with you, and make sure this is the right fit! Feel free to email me at: Looking forward to hearing from you!

“The SWD course has been instrumental in my business and moving me forward. I took it one year ago, and I cannot stop thinking about how beneficial it was. My business has skyrocketed — I made more money than I ever have since taking this course!”

Megan Powell

“Jamie’s module on the One Logo Solution was worth the investment and then some! Clients are happier than ever, and my process runs smoother than ever now.”

Annie Franceschi

“With one client in, I got investment back from this course! I took the whole kit and caboodle from the course (swipe files, process, templates, etc) and basically just slapped my logo on it! In all seriousness, I used everything from this course and still go back to the course a year and half later and continue to find value.”

Aimee Guzman

let's do this!

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